Born the 27 Novembre 1955 in Grenoble (Isère - France). Following studies in the National Conservatory for the Grenoble Region (harmony, couterpoint, fugue, organ, clarinet, acoustics and musical history) followed by the Highter National Musical Conservatory in Paris (writting, analyse with Betsy Jolas, composition and musical research electro-acoustic with Guy Reibel), has since 1985 been a member of the Grame college of permanent composers, as well as one of the studios teaching team. Since 1989, he has been teaching the electro-acoustics music class in the Saint-Etienne Conservatory. His multifaced work is essentially made up of precise and finely honed writting. Applying a pointillism style, it is prepared from calculations made by a computer. These are often mixed pieces, wherein the inspiration is drawn from the World of poetry. Multiply shaped pieces, they are more often than not made up of an ensemble of parts wich can be played by each of the musicians in the order they wish. Very close to calligraphy, his scores progressively become an integral part of the masterwork, to arrive at sound exhibitions where they appear written in golden ink on sheets of acoustic glass.